• Graphic Design

    Creative Graphic Design Agency

    From company brochures to product packaging design, imaginative, well thought out graphic design is at the forefront of everything we do and is something we continually strive for. For us, bland and ordinary is not an option: we bring imagination and flair to every project.


    First and foremost we are a creative agency. Creative, considered thinking is in our DNA. Our in-house designers work closely alongside our technical and marketing teams to ensure the best possible solutions are delivered for every format.

  • Web Design

    Creative Web Design Agency

    We design websites that need to be special. We’re not about regurgitating templates or substandard design. Neither are we just developers who’ll overwhelm you with tech speak. We’re creatives who love to create and deliver awesome website experiences.


    Our web designers believe that websites are your portal to the world, and as such they should be engaging, informative and inspirational. They should capture the attention of the visitor and carefully guide them throughout the site with ease. This web design philosophy is behind the award-winning websites we have made for clients around the world.

  • Branding

    Creative Branding Agency

    We’re a branding agency specialising in creating, developing and renovating brands. Whether for a company, product, event or service, we bring clarity, direction and consistency to every customer interaction.


    We believe a brand is an asset that should be protected, preserved and nurtured. Actively managing this asset requires a top-down directive and a bottom-up understanding. Graphic Evidence provides clients with the tools to make it easy for each employee to be a brand champion.

  • Graphic Evidence

    Builders of beautiful brands and inspiring websites

    We are Graphic Evidence, a graphic design and branding agency specialising in creative branding and web design for the food and drink, events and pet sectors. Since 2003 we have helped companies find their personality and achieve success through intelligent, innovative branding and design. We love what we do, are proud of the work we create and hope you enjoy your visit to our website. If you need anything, just ask.

For us it’s not just about beautiful design, it has to be the right kind of beautiful


Some of the companies we have worked for...

Essex County Council

Our clients’ top 10 reasons for rebranding…

Over the last decade we’ve been fortunate to rebrand clients of all sizes and across a broad spectrum of sectors. We’ve collated their reasons for rebranding into a top 10 list.


WordPress doesn’t mean boring web design…

We’ve heard a lot of comments recently regarding WordPress being restrictive for web design. That simply isn’t true – we’ve developed some beauties recently (this site being one of them).

Check them out >>

Recent launches and news

How to Know It’s the Right Time to Rebrand? – 7 Reasons to Consider

When was the last time you changed your brand identity? Or re-designed your website and marketing material? Every year, Graphic Evidence help numerous clients through their rebranding process, helping them decide when is the right time to rebrand. Before...

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WordPress Front End Developer – Freelance / Contractor

We are looking for an experienced Freelance WordPress Developer to assist with on-going and new projects. We are: A well established, rapidly expanding digital and branding agency working on a wide variety of projects across numerous sectors. The role:...

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What Is Brand Architecture, and how you can benefit from it?

If you’re new to the world of branding, the amount of complex terminology might seem overwhelming at first. Sooner or later, you’ll meet the concept of “brand architecture”. Here’s a guide that introduces the various aspects of successful brand...

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Increasing Business Growth with Design – 3 Case Studies to Learn From

We’re surrounded by design every single day. Each and every detail around us has been through a series of considerations and planning. While there’s no doubt that great design makes our daily lives more pleasant, there’s also a strong...

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