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At Graphic Evidence we believe that good PR is about developing positive reputations, maintaining goodwill and creating awareness through all media. Whether generating editorial coverage, utilising sponsorship opportunities or organising the event of the year, PR is employed to influence opinion and behaviour for the better.

Effective PR to boost your profile
Your brand can be great, your service or product groundbreaking, but if nobody knows about it, it might as well not exist. PR is a hugely powerful marketing tool, generating editorial coverage and media interest in the right places is a sure way to gain awareness and credibility.

As our testimonial page proves, our clients benefit greatly from our PR services. We offer comprehensive PR packages that are cost effective, efficient, successful and tailored specifically to your needs. Due to our background and extensive experience as a company we understand what can realistically be achieved in numerous mediums and therefore know what works best and when.

Our history of publishing has given us an insight to how the media operate and what makes them sit up and pay attention. We’ve been on the reciprocating end of some good and very bad PR and it is this experience that gives us the edge over our competitors.

Summary: We know what works, we’ve been there… and every brand can benefit from a boost.

The world is moving online, so is your PR
The world is changing, printed newspaper sales are down, magazines are less dominant and we can help you keep up-to-date with your customers who are increasingly becoming active online.

We are a PR agency that looks to engage with your customers online by providing the information they search for, answer their questions and build up an online relationship through social mediums and active forums.

With the rapid developments within the online news, social and information sites, online PR is the best way to extend the value of traditional PR campaigns and reach vast numbers of new and existing customers quickly and efficiently. When we think about our clients online PR, we are always considering all of the angles because we know what makes a good website and a bad blog. The Graphic Evidence team includes website designers, SEO experts, social networkers, web copywriters, coders and bloggers, so all your bases are covered, ensuring effective and reliable online PR.

Summary: You need to move with the times, and cater for your businesses growing online community.

Embrace your social side
The boom of social media means that the lives of the public are now infiltrated with statuses and tweets and now is the time to ensure that the snippets that they view bring their attention your business. With the number of social networkers booming and printed media dwindling the time has never been more vital to get your business updates advertised on Facebook. Social Media needs to be treated as another marketing channel.

Good PR is no longer solely centred on broadcast and print media, social avenues must be utilized to reach your online customers. The numerous outlets including social networking, discussion forums, online news sites and blogs now play a vital role in brand progression.

Summary: Social media is a free marketing channel direct into your customers lives.

Prepare for launch!
Whether you are seeking a re-launch for an existing service or to tell the world about an exciting new product, Graphic Evidence offers a bespoke service for introducing your creation to the media. Whether an informative press release or an extravagant event suits the launch best, we will orchestrate the exposure so that the most influential contacts in the media are impressed.

The importance of a product launch cannot be ignored otherwise how are potential customers supposed to know that it even exists? We have the facilities and the knowledge to persuade our media connections that your products are fresh, exceptional and more than worthy of their attention and acknowledgement.

Summary: Graphic Evidence ultimately acts as a launch pad for your business to rocket sales and propel coverage sky-high!

Media Planning & Buying
Graphic Evidence offer our clients a full mix of strategic planning and creative thinking across multiple media channels. So, naturally that covers the traditional media channels of press, radio, outdoor, online and TV.

Our existing and ongoing relationships with the media coupled with our media buying power allows us to enjoy favourable rates with the majority. A benefit we pass on to our clients. Advertising can be costly, but if handled well it can reap huge rewards. Whatever your budget we will form a strategy that fulfils your objectives, targets your market and captures their attention.

We provide advertisers with a one-stop solution for all their advertising and media needs, from advert conception, design, production, planning, negotiation on price and then placement. Over the past few years our media buying power and effective planning has saved our clients thousands of pounds and delivered adverts that reach the audiences that really matter.

Summary: A well planned and managed advertising and marketing campaign will deliver your message and increase sales and grow brand recognition, trust and loyalty.

Crisis Management
The media industry can seem a daunting place that has the power to make or break a business. Graphic Evidence acts as a media guardian for our clients to safeguard their public status. The phrase, ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ is often bandied around as some kind of media mantra. However, we understand the power of the written word. The destruction upon a public reputation that can ensue due to one harmful comment is a situation that must be combated with knowledge and sensitivity.

We offer a PR strategy that protects the best interests of our clients by offering a quick first response to the media. Our clients have access to a 24 hour crisis management that makes the service we offer reliable, faithful and continuous.

The boom of social media plays a crucial role in the protection and management of controversial media coverage. As a result, disgruntled chatter can rapidly evolve into a tarnished reputation overnight. Our aim is to make the best out of a bad situation. Our working knowledge of the journalism industry means that we know what makes a good story and can work with the media to turn a negative headline into a positive story.

Summary: Rather than passively shrinking, seek to resolve and correct issues while continuing to maintain and raise public profiles.

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