Brand Identity Design

Your visual identity instantly symbolises who or what you are; it’s one of the most powerful tools in your branding arsenal. A logo is the face of your company (or its products) and it’s how your audience recognises you and sets you apart from your competitors. It often forms a customer’s first impression of you, and is present at almost every customer interaction.

Here at Graphic Evidence, we believe that your brand identity isn’t just a graphic. It must encompass your company’s core values and proudly represent you across a vast array of mediums. In this day and age, your brand ID needs to look great on more than just a letterhead.

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Brand design for new management consultancy company

Advanced Vision Care

Colourful new brand identity for the prestigious corrective eye clinic

Slab Records

Brand design for the independent record label

Gym Republic

Branding for the new online gym wear retailers


Brand design for Imperial Colledge London

Real & Tasty

Brand design for the new food delivery company