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Each project we undertake, whether branding or a simple brand identity design, is approached creatively and strategically. We perfectly position brands and meticulously manage perceptions, delivering a consistently clear message throughout every customer interaction.

With offices in Loughton Essex and London the Graphic Evidence brand designers have worked for a wide selection of clients, large and small from around the world. Whoever you are and whatever your project we'd love to hear from you, get in touch.

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Defining a strategy creates an understanding of your brand. It maps a clear direction for the brand design, positioning and future branding activities. Great branding all starts from here.

Creative web designers


Choosing a brand name that is appropriate, inspiring and available is a vital branding process. The right name will do a lot of work for you, the wrong name will counteract all marketing efforts.

Magazine Design


If a simple brand design is all that is required, then we'll be happy to assist in creating a unique identity that's visually stunning. We appreciate that not every project requires the full extensive branding process.



Your name is compelling, your brand design beautiful and identity perfectly positioned; now it's time to let your branding flow through your marketing material and every other customer interaction.

  • Who are you and why should your customers care?

    We're not just about creating you a pretty logo design, there's no point if nobody knows about it or when they do, they don't care. Defining the vital components of your product or services will enable us to build upon a distinct vision and perfectly position your brand to connect and inspire your customers.

    Summary: Graphic Evidence not only take care to ensure your brand looks lovely, but also make sure it’s the right type of lovely and that everything continues to be lovely… which is lovely.

    Contact us about your branding needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

  • A brand by any other name...

    Great brand names ignite imagination, inspire action and fuel recognition. They should be easily memorable, sound great and make people and companies seek association. The right name is vital to achieve marketing success and build the much sought-after brand loyalty. Choosing one that meets this tough criteria and is still available is a challenge we relish.

    Summary: A brand name is the platform for all your marketing, so invest in it wisely. As basically the wrong name could really be a spanner in the works.

    Contact us about your branding needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

  • Design your identity

    A representational symbol of who or what you are (your logo) is probably the single most important tool in your marketing arsenal. It's the face and personality of your company or products and is how your audience recognises you and sets you apart from your competitors. It's also more often than not, your customer's first impression of you and it is there at every customer interaction.

    Here at Graphic Evidence, we believe that your logo isn't just an identity graphic, it must encompass your company's core values and proudly represent you across a vast array of mediums – in this day and age your brand ID needs to look great on more than just a letterhead.

    Summary: Invest in your identity, as first impressions last and you can only make one.

    Contact us about your branding needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

  • Creative Marketing

    A beautiful brand identity and magnificent branding is worthless if nobody knows about it. As a creative marketing agency, Graphic Evidence don't just leave your brand all dressed up with nowhere to go, we make sure it has a damn good time in all the right places and gets papped along the way.

    Consider your brand as the base for your marketing to start its journey, here at Graphic Evidence we guide you along the way and give you the tools to make a positive impact as you go.

    Summary: You could have the best product or service in the world, but if nobody knows about it, it might as well not exist.

    Contact us about your branding needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

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