Packaging Design

With shelf space a premium and consumer selection ever increasing, how you display, position and house your products is now more important than ever. As an extension of your brand, your packaging must capture consumer attention and provide them with everything they need to make the right decision… to choose your product over another.

With offices in Essex and London the Graphic Evidence packaging designers have worked for a wide selection of clients, large and small from around the world. Whoever you are and whatever your project we'd love to hear from you, get in touch.

Ashurst Porkers Packaging Design


Having a clear plan and an understanding for your packaging design requirements ensures every area like design, production, storage and logistics is covered. No point something looking great if it can't be used, displayed or stored.

Creative web designers


Consumers are bombarded by choice whether in store or online. Great packaging design is vital in making products capture attention, convey a clear message and make customers want to take your items home over a competitors.

Magazine Design


Our skills with label design is creating something unique within the boundaries of an already existing package. We love designing labels that bring bottles, boxes or bags to life, building a strong brand presence and customer loyalty.



Getting products looking great is one thing, ensuring they work for the task, meet budgets and deadlines is another. Our clients benefit from not only our design knowledge, but also our years of logistical experience and string of industry contacts.

  • Planning the perfect packaging

    There are numerous factors to consider for packaging design projects. Of course your product needs to look great on the shelf, but it also needs be functional and easy to distribute and store. It has to meet budgets to keep within your pricing structure and meet any environmental policies you may have.

    Summary: We know what works, and we know how to meet deadlines and budgets.

    Contact us about your packaging needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

  • Shine from the shelves

    We're aware that consumers build strong, emotional relationships with products and their brands. With every packaging project design we undertake we capture attention, amplify the relation and fuel recognition. Whether on a shelf or on a website our designs communicate clear messages and highlights core brand values.

    Summary: Consumers build strong emotional bonds with products and their brands, and we create packaging to amplify that relationship.

    Contact us about your packaging needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

  • Product of success

    With packaging, so much has to be evaluated in the production process to ensure the best possible outcome. It's not just about aesthetics. Functionality, materials, distribution, storage, budgets and the environment has to be carefully considered. Here at Graphic Evidence we have the knowledge and experience to advise, source and manage to meet your specifications and excel at the task at hand.

    Summary: We can advise, manage and source for the best possible results.

    Contact us about your packaging needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

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