Social Media Design

Twitter now has over 316 million active users, and 968 million people log into Facebook every day. Harnessing these incredible figures to increase business is now an essential component of any corporate strategy.

For a company profile page to stand out among the masses and represent a brand’s core values, creative, considered design is integral. The last year has seen social media platforms provide users with greater customisation options for their page, and this in turn has given us more opportunity to design something worth shouting about.

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Lord & Lady Muck

The use of the Lord & Lady Muck characters give the brand a fun, loveable image on social media


Taking the brand identity of Vitona through all social media networks

Essex Animal Feeds

Eye-catching graphics to display the brand of Haysoft and Bedsoft


Eye-catching social media pages

Little Chickie

Twitter page design

Gym Republic

Social branding for online retailer Gym Republic