Top 10 reasons to refresh your website

It’s probably your most valuable marketing tool yet it’s surprising how many businesses fail to re-evaluate their website once it has been published.

Think of it as the need for a digital MOT! You should regularly take time to re-evaluate the efficacy of your website to make sure you are still maximising your online presence. Do any of the top ten problems below resonate with you? If so, it might be time for a revamp:

Mobile enabled

Do people keep complaining to you that they can’t read your website properly when they are on the move? Mobile enabled websites are a given these days and according to Smart Insights, over 20% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device and as many as 50% if the search is local. No surprise then that research by Econsultancy, showed 62% of companies that designed a website with mobile in mind saw increased sales.

Dated design

Imagine your website as a digital reception area. Would you be happy to invite client prospects into a room which smacked of décor that was 10 years out of date? An up-to-date, clean design reinforces the fact that your business is keeping up with emerging trends, understands today’s market place and is well placed to provide up-to-date advice. It even helps build trust – according to a study by ResearchGate, a whopping 94% of people considered websites which boasted a good design to be more trustworthy.

Slow to load

You don’t necessarily need the Usain Bolt equivalent of a website to be successful, but having a site that is slow to load will certainly put your business at a disadvantage. According to KISSmetrics, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. A sluggish website not only impacts on the visitor experience; it will also affect your search engine ranking.

Embarrassing content

No, we’re not talking about last year’s Christmas office party pics! The golden rule of a strong website is to regularly refresh the content, both in terms of copy and imagery. Is the last ‘news’ update that was published dated over a year ago? Does the site provides inaccurate information about your company, its products or its industry sector? Is it running stories about key personnel who have now left the business? These are just examples of some of the sure indicators that your content needs reworking or updating.

Lost control

The website was brilliant when it was first published. Since then, there have been a number of niggles, but you can’t get hold of the original developer to make the changes. Maybe you hadn’t appreciated that the website you signed up to featured no content management system capability, rendering you beholden to the developer for each and every change. Shouldn’t those who know and understand your customers be in charge of running your website, not a technical specialist? Isn’t it time to take back control?

Google doesn’t love you

According to the sacred Oxford English Dictionary ‘to google’ is now an official verb. If your website is not getting picked up by Google and gaining a ranking on the first page of a search, you are at risk of losing a huge number of potentially important visitors.

Out of sync

That fresh new corporate i-d is a waste of money if it is not applied to your website. The latest advertising creative messaging that is working a treat is futile if it is incongruous with your online presence. There must be synergy across all your marketing collateral. If the website is not kept up-to-date with other marketing communications, the business will suffer.

Lost in navigation

Where once it may have been quite easy to navigate around the site, as you’ve evolved the content and the amount of information held on various web pages, you may know where to find something, but can the same be said of a new visitor?

Web analytics say No!

A high bounce rate, not spending much time on the website and/or failing to click through to the various pages and explore different areas of the site all provide clear markers that all is not as it should be. These findings provide unbiased evidence which confirms that your target customer is not finding the website useful and is more than likely off to another site which fulfils their search needs.

Excuse my website

Do you find yourself constantly making excuses for the website, ‘accidentally’ forgetting your business card which features the company URL in the vain hope that the person you’ve just met won’t check you out online (yeah right, like that’s NOT going to happen)? Fearful that they might be disappointed by what they find? Then it’s definitely time to change … Get a website that you and your employees can be justifiably proud of …

At Graphic Evidence, we believe that your website is your portal to the world, and as such should be engaging, informative and inspirational – contact us to find out how we can work together to achieve an award-winning website.

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