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Whether you require a basic web design, intuitive content management system or an online e-commerce store, Graphic Evidence has the in-house creativity and development expertise to design websites that engage, inform and inspire your customers.

With offices in Loughton Essex and London the Graphic Evidence web designers have worked for a wide selection of clients, large and small from around the world. Whoever you are and whatever your web design project we'd love to hear from you, get in touch.

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We're specialists in beautifully creative, engaging web design. Every project freshly and efficiently created to captivate users and provide a truly enjoyable experience.

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Creative web designers


Whatever requirements you have for your website, we have the in-house skills and experience to construct it in the most effective and efficient way – regardless of the coding language.

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Magazine Design


Whether integrating our very own content management system GEMS, or developing a third party solution, we can put you in complete control of your website, editing content with ease.

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We only supply custom created e-commerce web designs. Each uniquely planned and developed to ensure the best possible results, aesthetically and for ease of use.

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  • Website strategy and planning

    We want to make sure your website and online marketing thrives in your market and builds true brand value. Having a clear, concise understanding will give us the insight to advise, create and develop for optimum results. Our in-house collective of creative designers, developers and marketeers give us the combined knowledge to not just build you a visually stunning, engaging website, but also one that is going to surpass all expectations.

    Summary: We love it when a plan comes together.

    Contact us about your website needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

  • Creative website design

    We design websites that connect and inspire first and foremost. Unlike other agencies we don't do regurgitated templates or recycle designs, where's the fun in that? We're creatives, we love to create! Whether a simple info website, or full e-commerce sales platform, each website we create is custom designed to attract, engage and inspire the target market.

    Summary: We're a creative bunch, who love to create, not recycle old designs.

    Contact us about your website needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

  • Let's get techie

    Having a beautiful website design is great, but it also needs to work. Our advanced in-house knowledge of several programming languages and over 10 years of experience developing websites, give us a great insight into the most powerful solutions.

    Summary: There's a little nerd living inside us all, he's just a bit bigger in some of us.

    Contact us about your website needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

  • CMS - Content Management System

    More and more clients are requiring complete control over their websites, whether simply editing copy, adding images or viewing and processing orders online, a Content Management System is a tool to enable users to do just this. Over the years Graphic Evidence has utilised various third party Content Management Systems and have found them restrictive, extremely expensive and troublesome. We therefore decided to create a completely bespoke system of our own and we have called it GEMS – Graphic Evidence Management System. GEMS allows us to custom create a solution for our clients online requirements, quickly, easily and economically. It also allows us to add and develop the system as our client's needs grow/change, without it costing the earth or taking an age.

    Summary: GEMS, our own content management system, custom built for your requirements.

    Contact us about your website needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

    Ok, you have a great site and are now wondering why you're not getting any sales or enquiries through it. You know that you need to improve your position on Google, but don't know where to begin. We don't proclaim to be an SEO company and baffle you with technical waffle, but we do have the knowledge and skills to assess your site and start getting you better positioning on Google.

    Where Google is concerned, content is king. We have in-house copy writers trained in writing for the internet who can fully write or help optimise your content for better ranking.

    The websites we design and build are constructed adhering to Google's Webmaster Standards.

    Summary: We wont scare you with SEO jargon, as we don't proclaim to be an SEO company. We see ourselves more as digital marketing consultants.

    Contact us about your website needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

  • Website Hosting

    We manage over a hundred websites, over three different hosting companies and using various server configurations. We consciously do this to provide our clients with the best options for their online requirements and ensure the best performance and as little downtime as possible.

    Graphic Evidence do not provide email hosting or management.

    Summary: We'll manage your website on the best server for the job.

    Contact us about your website needs on 020 8508 7870 or click here.

More about web design

Web Designers Essex

At our web designers Essex base, we have the creativity and expertise to design websites that engage, inform and inspire. The design of your website is the first thing people will see and it’s important to create a good first impression. A well designed website reflects professionalism and presents a good reputation – ensuring you remain ingrained in the customer’s mind. Based on the design of your website, people will judge how trusted you can be and how you care to present yourself. It should epitomise the persona of the brand and what kind of website and service you want to be. Our web design agency in Essex will work with you to develop a custom design tailored to your needs. By choosing Magento web design in Essex, your ecommerce business will be easy and simple to use for both staff and your customer. By providing an easier purchasing process for the customer, you ensure a better likelihood of increasing your turnover and attracting returning clientele.

Web Designers London

We also have a web designers London base and will go to source to find out information about the brand. A website is an extension of your business and should be designed accordingly. We understand the importance of your brand and will work with you to develop the right style and what you want to project to customers. A well designed website by our web design company in London can increase your business and customer base, by having a user friendly site you can increase traffic and lower your bounce rate. That’s why we use Magento web design for London companies to offer both your business and your customer an easier purchasing experience that will keep them returning again and again. By investing in ecommerce web design in London, you’ll ensure that you can attract and impress new customers and offer them optimum website usability and accessibility.

Web Design Company Essex

Investing in experienced and creative web designers at our web design company in Essex and web design agency in London, is an important factor of expanding and promoting your brand. We’ll work with you every step of the way to create a visually stunning and engaging website. Our in-house team of creative designers, developers and marketers will work together to develop the best knowledge of how to build an effective website for your audience. We have worked for a whole host of clients in different sectors and have developed a great understanding of how you can stand out in your industry and engage customers time and time again.

Web Design Agency Essex

We’ve received excellent feedback from our past clients, who have been happy and pleased with our services and would recommend us to others. As well as offering ecommerce web design in Essex, we also can also cover all elements of your marketing such as email, website maintenance, PR, social media and copy writing. We aim to provide you with the best online platform for your services that will increase web traffic and promote the best possible presentation of your brand. We will have your best interests at heart throughout the project and offer you our years of experience to help you grow your brand.

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