We are a creative branding agency who craft beautiful brands to engage customers and grow as you do

We are a creative branding agency built upon strategic thinking. By that we mean that we don’t just design brands to look great, it has to be the right kind of great.

We partner with our clients to generate customer profiles, define captivating brand stories and instil visual coherence and consistency into every customer interaction.

Put simply, we build brands that grow

Brand Strategy and Consulting

Getting to know you, your customers and your ambitions form the platform to build a successful brand. Through branding workshops, brainstorming and consultation sessions we define who you are, who needs to know and why they should care… Oh, and drink lots of tea.

A branding strategy is an understanding of who you are and where you are going. Processes such as workshops and questionnaires will help to map a clear direction for your brand, its design and any future activities – as well as generating group buy-in from your staff. The level and type of strategy required is dependent on your brand, marketplace and ambitions.

Brand Design

Whether for a product, event or service we design brands that connect and resonate. Each brand perfectly positioned, conveying key values and encapsulating the core essence of its story.

Here at Graphic Evidence, we believe that your brand needs to flow beyond your logo or packaging. Every touchpoint must encompass who you are and what you stand for.


There are many reasons why a company or product may rebrand, but ultimately it’s necessitated by a need to alter perceptions. We approach every rebrand inquisitively and strategically, ensuring your new brand succeeds in every aspect of your future growth and the transition from old to new runs efficiently.

Brand Naming

Using a naming process we have refined over the last 14 years, we generate brand names that are memorable, engaging and conjure positive associations. The right name will inspire action and build loyalty; the wrong name will slow customer interest and counteract all marketing efforts.

Choosing a brand name that is appropriate, inspiring and available is a tough but vital part of the branding process. Whether you’re naming a company, product or service, Graphic Evidence can help engineer a brand name that embodies your core values and sticks in the minds of your customers.

Brand Guidelines

Once you’ve developed some inspiring new branding that you love, the next step is to manage it. Great brand guidelines set the standards and guide consistency, ensuring your branding is strengthened and your values are communicated throughout every brand touchpoint.

We provide our clients and their staff clear, easy to use tools and brand guidelines, covering all relevant aspects of branding, from colours and fonts to tone of voice and positioning. Everything we propose in our guidelines has been devised to excel in real-life situations.