Crumbs, this research takes the biscuit…

If you’re one of the many who has elected to give up biscuits for Lent, prepare yourself, you may find the content of this blog distressing!

Working in an office environment seems to naturally lend itself to developing a long and loving relationship with the omnipresent biscuit tin, a resource which plays a vital role in maintaining good company morale. According to research by McVitie’s the average Brit enjoys at least two biscuits a day. We thought this was quite restrained! However, apparently even a Professional Biscuit Tester only eats ten biscuits a day. In our defence, all we can say to account for our ‘slightly’ higher consumption levels is that clearly staff at Graphic Evidence can never be defined as ‘average’!

What your biscuit says about you!

The same research purports to identify the different personality traits associated with an individual’s choice of biscuit. As a result, the nation-wide poll suggests that lovers of the traditional digestive are most likely to describe themselves as fun-loving, while those partial to a fruit shortcake prefer to be known for their charm. If the research is to be believed, if a juicy jaffa cake is more your ‘cup of tea’ then you are likely to be considered as something of a cheeky chappie. Not surprisingly, it claims that the UK’s ginger nut enthusiasts err towards being feisty compared to rich tea lovers who are inclined to be more shy and retiring. Meanwhile fans of the nobbly bobbly hobnob can be characterised by their desire to be funny.

Crunch time, Britain’s favourite biscuit is …

Putting character traits to one side, the all-important question has to be, which is the UK’s most popular biscuit? The findings from a poll of 2,000 biscuit lovers in 2015 crowned the chocolate digestive as the outright winner, fighting off stiff competition from the chocolate hobnob, with the quintessential British bake, the custard cream coming in third.

Top of the dunks

A study by the Express in 2016 addressed the weighty issue of ‘dunkability’ i.e. which biscuits are best suited to the revered ritual of dunking your tea-time treat in a hot drink. Top of the dunks was the trusty bourbon, followed by the chocolate digestive. The humble custard cream trailed in third place. Garibaldi biscuits were deemed the worst performers but clearly we’re not too fussy in the UK, since another poll declared that only one in 10 would resort to throwing their hot drink away in the event of a total biscuit breakdown!
Biscuit injury alert

No this is not an April Fool! A survey back in 2009 interrogated the dangers associated with eating biscuits and found that almost a third of adults claimed to have been splashed or scalded by hot drinks while either dunking or trying to retrieve the soggy remains of a dipped digestive!

Frankly, call us reckless, but it’s a risk we are prepared to continue to take. Roll on 29th May 2017 when we can all legitimately indulge in a munching marathon to celebrate National Biscuit Day!

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